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How it works

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A better way of doing things...

CLAY mimics the existing behaviours of parents cooperating on an ad hoc basis but with greater privacy, transparency and control than out of app arrangements.

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Building school based connections

Modern day parents report feeling disconnected second only to teens. Schools can help parents and their kids experience a sense of belonging.

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Advancing the community

A dedicated space where parents have nominated their willingness to help out unites parents with a shared purpose and creates a virtuous cycle for school.

What people say


This is the best way to regularly, schedule short help with the kids and avoid the hassle and expense of a babysitter.

by George, part time working mum of 2, Bronte Public School


Even though we're friends, I never would have asked her for help without the app. I can rely on my community a lot more in the future.

by Jennifer, stay at home mum of 2


Relationships made at the school gate can transform a parent’s care options and build social capital for families and the school.

by Melinda, Bronte Public School principal


Moving to a new area could have felt isolating but within a few short weeks of using the app we had people we knew that we could ask for ad hoc help with our son.

by Louise, stay at home, mum of 1

Transforming relationships across your school

Placing school based friendships at the core of shared school runs, trips to activities and short childminding - can transform the lives of students and parents and power their engagement with your school.

Time poor parents are chasing too little care at too great an expense. This affects students and the school. Faltering parent engagement hampers educational effectiveness, decision making and fundraising.

Clay helps schools and parents have win-win, community building interactions throughout the year. Focusing on school runs, other trips and childminding, Clay makes it simple, personal and fun for everyone to get a little help from parents they’ve met through their child’s school - the heart of their local community.

When everyone has access to flexible, affordable help with the kids your community thrives

With Clay, there is no ‘shortage of childminding and transport’, no haves and have nots and no criteria for getting help. Each week, verified parent members simply show their potential availability to include another child with their own to their child’s community.

That is - the times they intend to be with their kids and are likely to have capacity for another. Parents seeking help then publish their requests for ad hoc help with the kids to their choice of friends favourites or entire community. Their child’s data is hidden from view and when they receive offers from friends they can either accept or ignore the offer to help.

This way, even working parents can effortlessly receive 5 -10 hours of childminding using bookings as short as 30 minutes. Affordability is never an issue with Clay’s unique karma points system and low cost, cashless payments.

A members - only community creates the freedom to build bridges between the children and families, even when schools’ out

Clay recognises the unique position of schools being central in the life of any young family in the local area. Clay only allows parents of primary school aged children to register with the app using both 2 step verification to join (like your banking app) and social vouching by current members.

This means a users’ identity can be initially verified via the school and fellow parents can then choose to allow them into the childminding community.

With personal, local reputations at stake, bookings, timeliness and communication are highly reliable using the app’s purpose built calendar, push notifications, geo - location, calendar integrations and secure bookings - only chat.

Features that help build community

2 Factor Authentication + Social Vouching

Just like your banking app, users names, mobile numbers and emails are cross linked to check a user is who they say they are and then vouched for by same school parents.


Bookings are automatically added to google ical calendars.

Karma Points and Cash Payments

Ultimate affordability and guilt-free asking using your wallet of community-wide Karma points and a cashless payment gateway to pay your helpers expenses if you choose.

Friends Private Lists

Search results stay highly relevant when members star their preferred childminders in their private lists. Even without nominating favourites, members will see fellow school parents with similarly aged children first. No more scrolling through endless mismatched carers.

Community Badges

Clay recognises and makes visible members who are actively caring for kids in the community. Acknowledging previously unseen care work motivates this in others.

Convenient Digital Forms

Information relating to bookings is easily shared with a quick and easy form that needs only be filled out once on signing up. Importantly, information is only shared when an offer for help has been accepted by the requesting parent.

Push Notifications

Notifications telling parents when there are unanswered requests for help, when they have new chat messages, or when a new member wants to join keeps community engagement high throughout the week. Creating a habit of helping and actively communicating with parents across the community who share the same problem and purpose.

Calendar Integration

No one likes to miss an appointment. Any booking, whether for a school pick, drop or child minding is automatically placed in a parents ical or google calendar for them to accept and set their reminder alarm.

Frequently asked questions

For schools

What is it?

Clay is a community of school registered parents and friends sharing school runs and ad hoc childminding. It’s a bit like a traditional babysitting club but much more powerful, it’s supported by technology which gives parents greater reach, beyond a static small group of friends along with better visibility, timeliness and safety.

How can it help my school?

It is well accepted that strong parent engagement helps a school reach its teaching goals more efficiently. Research shows that the level of parent involvement beyond the school gate has the greatest impact on a child’s education, even beyond having an active P&C. Clay provides a focus for the many school related, micro- interactions that occur outside of school.

The app builds the best sort of social capital...bridging capital. Bridging capital is demonstrated when members are empowered to reach out across their community for help in way they could not have before. This directly feeds back into National Quality Standard (NQS) Quality Area 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities and the Better Buddies Framework.

Is it safe?

Members can only enter the community as a known person. The community is school centred so the in-app community will reflect how many people a parent knows in the community. There is a 2 step secure sign in, verifications from friends, and a pin. The app is designed for people who know each other to book care with each other. All members have presented themselves as school parents and you can also choose to only book with members that have WWCC checks.

I thought every carer needed a child safety check?

CLAY mimics parents current behaviours. As most members will be booking care with friends, the App encourages members to get a check relevant to their state but it is not compulsory. Members are always in control of who they book care with and need to confirm they’ve had an in-person meeting prior to the booking taking place.

So how do I access Clay?

The app is free to download and use for now. When a parent registers within the app, they’ll be creating a possibility for a community of shared help to exist at your school. When enough same school parents join - your school’s full access is switched on and parents can start booking with each other. Community building takes time and supporting the use of the app within your community gives the best chance of success for the school community.