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Hello, I’m Sunita, mum to three boys and the creator of CLAY - the parents’ app.

The CLAY concept was born following a light - bulb conversation with my neighbour. She called me and said, “Hey listen. You're doing the school drop. I'm doing the school drop. To the same school. We’re usually so efficient - what’s going on?! I want to get to my job on time. You don't want to wrangle a toddler into a pram everyday. We need to job-share the school run." It all expanded from there.

My neighbours’ suggestion was simple and based on something we parents have always done. Step in for one another when life doesn’t quite go to plan.

When we’re caught short of help at the last minute it’s usually a parent we ask even if it feels awkward.

But this was new. My neighbour and I were going a step further. We were scheduling to help each other for a single hour, for weeks ahead. We were purposefully using our trust, proximity and extra capacity as parents to make space for other commitments that we wanted to keep. And as I discovered, this had important benefits. For my neighbour, the difference was getting to work at 8:50 instead of 9:30am. For me, I was able to prepare for a return to work. The kids just thought it was fun.

There are so many beautiful aspects about sharing the load with people you know and trust

I became interested in whether we could make cooperating with other parents so easy that we could transform ad hoc favours into bookings that we could reliably make plans around.

I connected with 100s of parents and, with their important feedback, created a tool that goes far beyond chat groups or scrambling between text, email, calls and school gate chats. It became clear.

We had so much to gain from a dedicated space for the important arrangements we make for our kids. CLAY is a purpose designed tool to simply get these jobs done.

Whilst creating CLAY I learnt that today’s parents are increasingly disconnected from traditional support networks. Being disconnected causes all kinds of serious problems for parents, kids and communities. Which is why CLAY is a community based solution.

Whether you cooperate with just one friend, a few parents in your street, or choose to put requests out to your whole school - In a few taps you can get help that's as short as 30 minutes or a couple of hours or more.

We parents all need help, and now we can get it when we need it, without breaking the bank or a sweat.

It’s my dream that CLAY will help school parents everywhere to get the help they need and feel good about it. I look forward to seeing you in the CLAY community!

Sunita x

Mom's picture, painted by a child